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Find a family law attorney for Stroudsburg, PA, at Reaser Law Offices. Our law firm has served the Pocono Mountain region with family law services since 1978. Clients can depend on our established ethical practice when they need it. To consult with Attorneys Bill Reaser and Megan Reaser, contact us online or by phone at (570) 421-5590.

Reaser Law Offices Handles Marriage Dissolution in Stroudsburg, PA

Marriage dissolution involves legally ending a marriage by a court. For help navigating marriage dissolution in Stroudsburg, PA, contact Reaser Law Offices.

Our Attorneys Can Help You Navigate Paternity and Child Custody Cases

Paternity tests establish the man as the father of the child. Therefore, the man handles the obligation of custody for the child. Reaser Law Offices can help you understand your rights in these cases.

Contact Us for Assistance with Protection Orders Against Domestic Abuse

Reaser Law Offices has the skills and experience to help clients understand their rights in protection orders against domestic abuse. When victims can prove physical abuse occurred, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania awards a PFA.

Let Reaser Law Offices Handle Your Name Change

Changing your name for reasons other than marriage-related reasons can be challenging. Our attorneys can help you navigate your name change in the Pocono Mountains.

Our Lawyers Can Navigate Termination of Parental Rights and Adoption

Biological parents can relinquish their parental rights by executing a consent to adoption. Navigating the adoption process can be tricky. Consider consulting with Reaser Law offices for parental rights termination and adoption.

Reaser Law Offices Can Navigate Guardianship and Grandparents' Rights

Grandparents can get custody of their children by filing a petition in the county where the child resides. If you need help understanding guardianship and grandparents’ rights, contact Reaser Law Offices.

Our Law Firm Handles Emancipation and Underage Marriage Approval

Emancipation and underage marriage approval can be tough to understand, especially if you have never gone through it before. At Reaser Law Offices, our attorneys can help you understand your rights and get the best outcome possible for your family.

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