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When you need a divorce attorney for Stroudsburg, PA, call Reaser Law Offices. Going through a divorce is a stressful time for all involved. It can be easy to feel like everyone is against you. Bill Reaser and his daughter, Megan, will provide the assistance that you need to fully understand your rights. Call today at (570) 421-5590 or contact us online to learn more.

Our Divorce Attorneys Handle Fault and No-Fault Divorce Cases

Fault divorces are available to married individuals who can prove particular reasons why they should file for divorce. A no-fault divorce allows couples to have a divorce without alleging any fault for the marriage breakdown. If you need help navigating fault and no-fault cases, Reaser Law Offices can help.

Let Reaser Law Office Handle Contested and Uncontested Divorces

Residents throughout the region come to us to handle contested and uncontested divorces. Contested divorces involve couples going to court to work out a divorce agreement. In an uncontested divorce, couples put their differences aside and end their marriage efficiently.

Our Divorce Attorneys Handle Summary Divorces in Stroudsburg, PA

Couples in and around Stroudsburg, PA, come to Reaser Law Offices to handle summary divorces. Summary divorces are a great option for couples with minimal assets, no children, and no desire for spousal support.

Reaser Law Offices Help Clients Going Through Default Divorces

In a default divorce, one party’s failure to answer a divorce petition results in judgment. Come to Reaser Law Offices today to handle a default divorce.

Our Attorneys Can Help with Collaborative Divorces

Collaborative divorces allow couples to negotiate all divorce terms without the need for fighting in court. Give Reaser Law Offices a call to help navigate your collaborative divorce.

Same-Sex Couples Call Reaser Law Offices for Divorce Assistance

Same-sex couples have the same right to divorce as others do. However, they might face complications around parental and property rights. If you need assistance with divorce for same-sex couples, come to Reaser Law Offices.

Contact Our Divorce Attorneys for Legal Separation Advice

In a legal separation, married couples live apart but remain legally married. If you need assistance understanding your rights in a legal separation, call Reaser Law Offices.

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