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For an elder law attorney for Stroudsburg, PA, call Reaser Law Offices. Stroudsburg, PA, seniors and their families who need legal counsel for elder law matters can trust our experience. Get answers and representation about elder law matters by consulting with Reaser Law Offices. Call (570) 421-5590 or contact us online to speak with our attorneys.

Our Lawyers Can Help You with Medicaid Issues in Stroudsburg, PA

Knowing how Medicaid works can be a critical area if you live with health concerns. Consult with Reaser Law Offices about Medicaid issues in and around Stroudsburg, PA.

File for Disability Today with Reaser Law Offices

Laws for disability benefits can change at any time. The last thing anyone needs to worry about when filing for disability is changes. Reaser Law Offices can help you understand the disability laws.

Allow Us to Help You Navigate Long Term Care Planning

Reaser Law Offices has the skills and experience to help clients understand their rights in protection orders against domestic abuse. When victims can prove physical abuse occurred, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania awards a PFA.

Our Attorneys Understand Nursing Home Planning

Families with loved ones in nursing homes deal with a lot of internal and external circumstances. At Reaser Law Offices, our attorneys can help you navigate the nursing home planning process.

For Help with Guardianship and Commitments, Call Reaser Law Offices

Guardianship for seniors is a last resort option for elder care. This form of care requires a court hearing and confirmation of incapacity by medical providers. Our attorneys can help you through the process of elder care guardianship and commitments.

Trust Reaser Law Offices with Your Elder Law Matters

Aging seniors and their families have many legal questions about Medicaid, disability, long-term care, nursing home planning, and more. For more on these topics, consult with Attorneys Bill Reaser and Megan Reaser at Reaser Law Offices.

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